About Dog Breed Quiz

The Dog Breed Quiz was my old friend’s idea.  For me, it was an exercise in object oriented PHP development. It uses a MySQL database.

How the ratings system works

When you answer questions on the quiz, each breed earns (or loses) points. For example if you said you wanted a brown dog, the scoring system might add points as follows:

  • Chow Chow (A very brown dog): +5 Points
  • German Shepard (A mixed color dog): +3 Points
  • Portuguese Water Dog (A black dog): 0 Points
  • Dalmatian (A mostly white dog): -3 Points

Generally, we won’t subtract points from dog breeds and will instead just not award them. Dog breeds are sorted by points at the end, and the dog breed with the most points is your best match. However, most of the questions are not based upon physical attributes. The primary goal of the quiz is to find a dog breed that suits your living environment and personality, not to find a dog that you think is just “cute”.

5 Responses to About Dog Breed Quiz

  1. jaci says:

    i hope i get a dog that fits me

  2. Shara says:


    I just tried a bunch of dog quizzes, and I think yours gave the best results. I very much like the fact you focused on personality traits. The other quizzes were focused on the traits people tend to select by (size, shedding) only. Usually folks do not consider personality enough. If you partner with someone to make an elegant front end, with polished graphics, or with a pet supply company, I think you could end up with the best on-line quiz for selecting a dog.


  3. Hillary says:

    I completely agree with what Shara said. I took several quizzes and none of the breeds were what I considered suitable for me. And none of them had my favorite dog since childhood, Doberman Pinscher. And considering I just recently lost my best friend of 12 years that was a Doberman, then I would think it would show up. Guess what? It was #1 on yours! And my #2 compatible breed? Cairn Terrier. Which happens to be what my childhood dog was. Heck yeah! Your quiz is the only one that got it right and included other dogs I really like and have considered owning before. I’m seriously impressed. Thank you!

    • James says:

      So glad to hear it! That’s amazing that your results were so spot-on. I’m the same way, as my #1 dog (both in real life and in the quiz) is a German Shepard 🙂

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