About Code from James

Hi, and welcome to CodeFromJames.com

I’m James, and this will primarily be a place for me to host my projects, portfolio, and possibly blog about technology a little.  I’ve taken a great interest in technology over the years, and have really settled on web development as my primary field.  Some technologies that I’ve used include…


  • PHP
  • ColdFusion
  • C# / ASP.NET
  • Java
  • Javascript / AJAX
  • C++ / Qt
  • Objective-C / iOS SDK


  • MySQL
  • SQL Server
  • Oracle (classroom only)
  • PostgreSQL (minor experience)

Web / Design

  • CSS
  • HTML 5


  • Windows (primary)
  • Mac OS X (secondary)
  • Windows Mobile (5/6)
  • iPhone

I hope you enjoy the site, and find its contents useful.

2 Responses to About Code from James

  1. Rick Spiewak says:

    Looking at your post at:
    You reference: using Linq2Access.Data;
    The only thing I can find resembling this is at:
    This doesn’t have the namespace you reference. Is there another source?
    I’m trying to map some legacy data in an .mdb database using EF and/or LINQ.

    • James says:

      I don’t have this sample program any more, but I think that since my program is in namespace `Linq2Access` it is just a reference back to my created entity model. Most likely for `DataRepositoryDataContext`.

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