“tv2night” Goes Live

I applied for another Twitter account and created a small CRON job for it on my own server. Now you can follow Television Tonight and get tweets about one hour before your favorite shows come on the air.

Tweets (updates) are limited to 140 characters. In the space we have most of the important information. The format is concise, but useful:

[Show Name] s[Season #]e[Episode #] is starting on [Show’s Network] in [minutes ’til air time] min! ([Time show starts] EST) Summary: [TinyURL to Episode Summary]

The tweet is measured before and after adding the summary. If the tweet is too long, the word “Summary: ” will be cut. If the entire link won’t fit it isn’t included at all, because having half of a URL doesn’t make much sense.

Interested in following? Check it out now: http://twitter.com/tv2night

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