Dawn of War 2 Multiplayer Beta Thoughts

  1. The Requisition is broken.
  2. The Requisition is really broken.
  3. Seriously, please fix the requisition. The game is great, and deserves it.

This game reflects Company of Heroes pretty closely. Much of the game is based on taking cover, positioning, suppressing, and flanking the enemy. Especially suppression is a huge issue to deal with. Suppressed squads move slowly, take more damage, and are basically just dead. The only way to get out of these suppression effects is to get out of fire, die, or run like hell. The game has a “Flee” ability on most units that make them run away to the nearest reinforcement point. It breaks suppression effects and gives a little defensive bonus, I think. Your units are likely to live while fleeing, but they can get blocked off or pulled back by certain abilities.

Unfortunately, right now a big part of the game is also running the hell away from anything that could possibly kill your units. Because the requisition is so broken, any loss of units means minutes waiting to rebuild. In this game every second counts, and a minute feels like an eternity. I never see my requisition-per-minute counter passing 350, and it usually sits at about 200. One squad of Tactical Space marines costs 500. Are you seeing the issue here? If your marines die, you’re probably going to have to wait two and a half minutes for the requisition to accumulate. It’s rare that you’ll have any left over or stockpiled, because really you should be spending it all on more units, upgrades, an enhancements.

That little math problem aside, all of the Space Marines units are just plain too expensive. I often find myself stuck with two scout marine squads wondering how on earth I’m going to afford any other units, let alone upgrade my base or buy higher tier units. All of the other races have much cheaper base units. Granted, they are weaker, but at least you can afford them. Basic infantry (ranged and melee) squads in the other races run at about 270 requisition

The Eldar even get a 4-man suppression turret for 270 requisition. Based on this, I hereby declare the Eldar over-powered. No infantry squad can afford to be suppressed, and if you can cover lots of angles with the suppression effects, the other team is pretty much screwed. Punching through a line of fire is nearly impossible. You’ll either have to jump over the suppressing squad, tunnel under them, flank them, or somehow just avoid the fire. It almost never works, and you’re pretty much dead.

Similar suppression effects for the space marines cost 340 requisition for a devestator squad that, in my opinion, isn’t even as good as the Eldar’s. Tyranids must pay 400 requisition for a warrior squad, and then upgrade them for another 50 or so to get suppression. Orcs can’t even buy a suppression squad until they hit the 2nd Tech Tier. The best they can do is buy a shoota-boyz squad, and upgrade them with bigga-gunz. In my opinion, this doesn’t count. It’s an ability with a cooldown, and often the suppression doesn’t work or wears off too quickly. The cost to get that would be about 270 requisition plus another 50 or so for bigga-gunz.

The game seems to have a few parallels to Blizzard’s Warcraft III, though they play them down so it doesn’t seem that way. First off, you select a “Commander” to lead your army. Each Commander sort of plays a different role. Offense, Defense, Support, Tunneler, Assassin, etc. The Commander (and all other squads) level up, and get stronger (yes, stronger) as they kill units. To me, this almost doesn’t make sense. If you are on the wrong end of the stick getting your ass handed to you, do you really want the other guy just gaining an even bigger upper hand? While he’s stockpiling requisition and you are getting little to none?

Also, a large part of Warcraft III was the “Upkeep”. What happened with upkeep was that when your army got large, you only got a portion of any resources you harvested. It isn’t ever mentioned in this game, but if you pay attention you will notice that you get a lot less requisition-per-minute when you have a standing army than when you have next to nothing. Compare the screenshot below with the screenshot above:

As a final thought, it also doesn’t seem to matter how hard you work to take requisition points. In the end it hardly even matters. I laid the smack down on the highest level computer player and took every point possible as quickly as I could. This actually HURT me, and I acquired less requisition than he did in the course of the game. Now how the hell did that happen?

This is warfare, not welfare!

It seems like the only strategy that matters is stealing people’s power. This keeps them from upgrading their headquarters, getting higher tier units, and getting upgrades.

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