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Background JavaScript with PhoneGap / Cordova and iOS

I was recently working on a project where I needed the ability to do some background processing for audio on iOS. I started out writing a lot of native Objective-C to accomplish this, but in the process discovered that I … Continue reading

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Breakups with Breakpoints: Creating configurable debug traces with C# and .NET

Breakpoints: Secretly evil There. I said it. You can get mad and leave a nasty comment now, or you can hear me out. I’ve been writing .NET for years using breakpoints because that’s just how they train you to do … Continue reading

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Terraria Server with Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (Linux)

Jan 2nd, 2012 Update TDSM has supposedly decided to shut down. You can still follow the blog post below (mostly) but try using TShock for the server now instead of TDSM. Visit their GitHub downloads page. First: My two cents … Continue reading

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Test and debug your ASP.NET sites on iPhone / iOS, Android, and other mobile devices locally with SharpProxy

ANOTHER update for 2014: Ok, so I’ve upgraded to Visual Studio 2013 now and I feel your pain with IIS Express. Check out the latest version version of SharpProxy with new support for rewriting HTTP Host Headers. That should fix … Continue reading

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Kalidity – Stream your music anywhere

This past weekend I officially opened up Kalidity, my answer to the streaming media on the web and mobile. This has been something I’ve been working on for several years, and is the result of much experimenting, tweaking, and perfecting. … Continue reading

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Free Contact Management / Roledex Software for Windows

A few years ago I wrote some contact management / Rolodex software for a friend. I went back to it today and created an installer for it and wanted to release it to the world. Download it now! Interested in … Continue reading

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Zen Garden Farmer for Plants vs. Zombies – Get fast money from your Zen Garden!

Plants vs. Zombies is a great game. There’s lots to do, even after you beat the main game. There’s new games and puzzles to play, and things to buy. Money actually becomes a large part of the game later on, … Continue reading

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“tv2night” Goes Live

I applied for another Twitter account and created a small CRON job for it on my own server. Now you can follow Television Tonight and get tweets about one hour before your favorite shows come on the air. Tweets (updates) … Continue reading

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Spore DRM Causes Creature Backlash

The creators of Spore tangled with the internet and got more than they asked for. Users around the world, ticked off about Spore’s DRM have began creating anti-DRM creatures to voice their opinions. Read more from the original article.

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